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PBC offer cost effective senior and experienced personnel working within your business without the cost commitment of a full time employee

Objective & Mission Statement

As consultants we will work closely with you, your staff and the resources within your business environment.

Business Development

To ensure that your business has a strong future it is important to have business development plans and key objectives that can be monitored and actioned as required.

Brand Management

Your brand, business name or registered trade mark is one of your biggest assets and as such needs to be managed in a professional and structured way.

Product Management

The management of your products is as important as the management of your brand.

Sales and the Salesman

Maintaining sales in the market using a motivated salesforce is of paramount importance.

Key Account Management

Working with key accounts can be both rewarding and frustrating. It is important to ensure that “exciting” sales opportunities are profitable and that the brand is protected from erosion through mass selling. Strong business plans and joint initiatives are important for success.

Sales and Marketing

The key to the success of any company or brand is the way it is marketed and promoted to both your customer and the end consumer.

Internet and the Web

The internet is fast becoming an important shop window for your products and services. It will give the consumer instant access to your brand and company details.

New Business Set up

Are you are looking to set up a new business, expand your existing business into a new business area or are trading outside the UK and want to set up a subsidiary in the UK?


Trained staff not only promote a professional image for your business but also inspires confidence. It is important that the management and the staff are all communicating the same message in the same way.

Customer Service and Care

Your customer service department is the face of your business. This department needs to have the skills to successfully and professionally handle all enquiries from both your customers and the consumer.


Possibly the most important skill any business needs to master is the ability to communicate to their customers. You can communicate through sales and marketing, through your external sales force and through general discussions with your customers.

Financial Planning and Controls

Nobody wants to sell a product or service at a loss or make insufficient margins to cover the running costs of their business and whilst the serious financial controls of the business are controlled by the financial department there are a lot of day to day controls that can be adhered to, to ensure a profitable business.


PBC Consultancy

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